Your Wedding

Planning your wedding day is often a massive task and arrangements for the entertainment often take centre stage – literally! Many couples opt for a ceilidh nowadays as it is a style of dance that young and old can enjoy no matter how experienced a dancer they are. The usual format is folk dancing for 2-3 hours in the first part of the evening, often followed by a disco. Sometimes couples want their own music for a ‘first dance’ played before the ceilidh and sometimes they want this later in the evening or not at all. There are also some lovely ceilidh dances that act as ‘first dances’ if you wish. Feel free to discuss this with me.

I am also able to offer a DJ set following the ceilidh. Most couples decide to end the evening off with a disco and rather than have an awkward pause between the ceilidh and disco, my mobile DJ suite can seamlessly transfer into the disco section of the evening. I have a disco lighting rig and my standard DJ set list is formed from the Top 200 wedding disco tracks With a pop repertoire of over 7000 tracks, I can easily cater for guest requests on the night.

The wedding party often choose to submit their own preferred DJ set list beforehand and this is fine by me. I am totally flexible when it comes to the music and entertainment. It’s your day and you make the decisions!