About my Top Ten Tips

These are my Top 10 Tips for novice dancers…

  1. Never be afraid to ask someone to dance – that’s what they’re there for silly!
  2. When the next dance is announced, always join a set of dancers away from the top couple – it is considered rude to push in at the top unless invited!
  3. Always enjoy the dance and never be afraid of making mistakes – that’s all part of the fun! Far too many dancers take ceilidhs far too seriously. Lighten up folks!
  4. By the same token, be aware that constantly ‘fooling around’ during a dance may irritate those more serious dancers who want to enjoy the dance for its flowing choreography.
  5. Never be afraid to ask the caller if you don’t understand – they will always be too happy to go over it one more time (and you wont be the only confused one in the room I promise you).
  6. If you’re anxious about making a mistake in a dance, nominate yourself as the ‘top’ couple – that way you benefit from the walk through… cunning!
  7. Always stay well hydrated – non-stop dancing is thirsty work (and I don’t just mean ‘Ale’ here fellers!) .
  8. Always listen to the music and the caller. A common mistake novice dancers make is insisting on dancing all of the figures exactly as they were explained in the walk through.Mt try to finish the figure or you wont have time for the next one!Listening to the rhythm of the music will help you dance with flowing ease – others will wonder where you got your private lessons from!
  9. Thank the caller and band at the end of the evening- if they were the best thing you have ever heard, ask them where their next gig is!
  10. Finally; consider joining your local folk club. You will learn many traditional dances, meet new friends and keep fit – all at the same time. What value for money.

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