About Me

I have been a folk dance caller for over 20 years. The mainstay of my work is providing ceilidhs and barn dances to novices, maybe at a party or fundraiser or often at a wedding. In that time I have learnt an awful lot about what makes a dance work well, and what doesn’t! I work with several accomplished folk dance bands and I also have a stock of modern recorded folk dance music on mp3 that I use when a client needs a low cost option for their event. Recently I began providing  a DJ set because of demand particularly at weddings. I can now provide the barn dance and the disco making it one of the most cost effective ways to provide entertainment at a wedding.

I always strive to match the right dance to the right crowd and I will work hard before, during and after the dance to ensure the event is as successful as possible. My philosophy is to make sure that everyone has Fun and enjoys themselves.

In 2013, I was interviewed by BBC Radio Kent over the phone because they wanted to find out  about me and what I did. Back then I was known by my pre-married name of Ben Moore.
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