About Folk Dance

What’s the difference between a Barn Dance and a Ceilidh?

Will you be going to a barn dance, folk dance, ceilidh (pronounced “kaylee”), country dance, square dance or hoedown?

No doubt many purists would regale you with detailed descriptions of what each actually is, their history and differences. I prefer the easier definition – they are all flavours of the same thing!

A folk dance is a social gathering that is fun, entertaining and rooted in hundreds if not thousands of years of history! It is danced to folk music played acoustically or amplified on instruments such as the fiddle or guitar and the melodeon or accordion. Other instruments like piano, wind instruments and percussion can also be added for a modern sound. The dances and tunes used may be traditional and rooted in history or bang up to date.

Finally, a note to the uninitiated…while folk dance can be difficult to define it is definitely not line dancing or country and western dancing If you are not sure what these dance styles are compared to folk dance then take a look at YouTube or give me a ring.

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