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Organising a barn dance? Looking for a caller or a band? Not sure where to start?

Don’t panic. Look no further! My webpages provide all the resources you will need to successfully plan and run your own barn dance or ceilidh. The information is particularly aimed at the folk-dance novice, so if you are new to the ceilidh scene you’re in safe hands. I am passionate about folk dance and I can help your event get off to a swinging start.

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I am a folk dance caller based in Kent although I can travel anywhere to call at your dance. If you want live folk music, I work with several fantastic ceilidh bands or I can use my personal stock of recorded ceilidh tracks from some of the UK’s best loved and well known barn dance bands. Ceilidhs are great for weddings, parties, fundraisers and a whole range of other social shindigs where fun for all age groups is the name of the game. If your wanting a ceilidh at your wedding why not let me supply the disco afterwards too!.

My website includes some useful resources to help you plan and organise a successful folk dance event.

Have you ever wondered why barn dances are now called ceilidhs? Find out a little about the history of folk dance and the costs involved in running one.

If you are a complete beginner don’t forget to check out my ‘Top Tips’ section for help and advice about going to your first barn dance.

Good luck and I hope I can call at your dance soon!

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